Lead Your Success 

Training & Sales should remain synonymous. ​Our 4 Week Program we delve deep into what makes the difference between a salesman and a sales professional. We don't teach techniques, each salesman has to lead their own success in this business. Here's is more of what our Lead Your Success Program covers: 

  • Determining Your Why

    • Why Do You Want to Build a Career In Sales​

  • Understanding the Sales Craft

    • There's 4 level of the Sales Craft. Knowing how to improve and navigate each level is crucial​

  • Deal Pathology and Buying Styles

    • Every Person is different, so is the way they buy something. Knowing what to look for and how to adapt to each style. 

  • Strengths , Weaknesses, & Discipline Over Motivation

    • Knowing and understanding your weaknesses and strengths leads to a higher developed team ​

  • Negotiation Mastery, Linguistics, & Effective Communication

    • Master negotiating as taught by Harvard Business School, understanding Negotiation Primers, and knowing how and when to communicate.

  • Intraprenuership and Self Branding

    • Just because your build it doesn't mean they will come. Take responsibility for every aspect of your sale. ​